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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Nokia 7310 Supernova Lilac

Get your very own SIM Free Nokia 7310 Lilac and enjoy the new phone from Nokia. It just came out last June 2008 and already it became popular with many users. Critics even say that this is the ideal mobile phone for most people because it is simple to use and easy to maintain. It has a vibrant 2-inch color display that allows users to display their downloaded screens from the Internet. This mobile phone in addition has downloadable ringtones so that it allows users to personalize their mobile phone.

A great thing about the Nokia 7310 Supernova Lilac is that it can be available along with sim free mobile phones. This means that users can buy this mobile phone alone, leaving them to use their own sim cards. This handy little option is good for users to already have their own sim packs. Other Nokia 7310 features include a 2-mega pixel built in camera, that is not only capable of taking clear pictures but also allows taking sharps videos. It even has its own Xpress on covers with 3D textured designs. Lastly it comes in many colors like Wasabi Green, Candy Pink, Mushroom Silver, Plum Jam, and Electric Blue.

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Nokia 5800 available SIM FREE

The Nokia 5800 is another touch screen phone brought to you by Nokia. This mobile phone is relatively light; it weighs just over 3.50 oz that’s lighter than a full cup of coffee from Starbucks. Not only is this phone that light but it also looks very modern and exquisite. People will surely go crazy over the fine detail and craftsmanship that can be seen on the overall design.

Benefit from your SIM FREE Nokia 5800 mobile phone deals now. Getting these deals means that you get to enjoy your brand new Nokia phone that much faster at an affordable price. This also means you get to use the phone’s many features as soon as possible. This mobile phone is certainly worth the money you are paying for because this phone is quite durable and will stay with you until you decide to get a new one.

These kind of phones may generally be categorized as Sim Free Phones during sale. This means that this phone doesn’t come with a sim pack and you have to buy it separately. Although it doesn’t come with a sim you still get to enjoy its sharp display, awesome camera, and its Nokia N series digital music player.

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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Blackberry 8900 Curve Javelin SIM FREE

Blackberry phones are good as they are. They have become even better. The Blackberry 8900 Curve was announced on January 2008. It is said to be released by Blackberry on November or December 2008. Fans are surely going to love this new phone because it has a lot of interesting features built into it. It weighs about 3.87 ounces and that is about 109.9 grams. This makes it a light phone, perfect for travel, home or office use. It sports a high-resolution 2.44 inch 480x360 pixel color display, which supports up to 65,000 colors.

Use the powerful 32 megapixel camera of Blackberry 8900 and see the interesting pictures it could capture. It supports JPEG Encoding. It has auto focus, image stabilization, flash and 2X digital zoom. With this feature, you can easily compose your pictures. This makes it more of a camera than most other phones out in the market. This phone even makes sure that you don’t get lost in the city. With its built-in GPS, lost users will always know where they are in the map. This helps users find their way to their destinations.

Get your Sim Free Phones now and enjoy your new mobile phone. Enjoy the phones Wi-Fi capabilities and connect from anywhere. Enjoy also the phone’s protection features. This feature makes sure that no other person can view the contents of your phone without your approval. This is great for anyone who wants more security and privacy.

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Friday, 19 December 2008

SIM FREE Blackberry 8900 Curve Javelin

The Blackberry 8900 Curve Javelin is due to be released on December 2008. Many people have been expecting its arrival. Fans of the Blackberry 9000 Bold are sure to enjoy this new mobile phone. It is said to feature a processor that’s faster than the iphone. It has a nice 3.2 megapixel camera that is capable of taking videos as well as pictures. This mobile phone even has Wi-Fi for users who like to keep in control of their e-mails from friends and business partners.

The Blackberry 8900 Curve even has its own built-in flash memory. This handy little feature allows users storage space for their precious data. With all its internal features the Blackberry 8900 Curve is protected by a one piece glass cover. This ensures that the camera and flash will receive ample protection while looking sleek and polished.

Sweet deals for this phone are available. Get your own Sim Free Phones now. The Blackberry 8900 curve is due to be released on December 20, 2008. For buyer looking for something special to give to a loved one, the Blackberry 8900 curve is the perfect solution. This might be a good idea for those late shoppers out there who just want to buy something for themselves.

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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sim Free Nokia N79

The words vibrant and powerful are just two of the words that can be used to describe the Nokia N79. It comes in three cover combinations and the phone’s themes automatically changes when you change covers. Its display resolution is 240 x 320 with a color depth of 24 bit. Take pictures with its amazing Carl Zeiss 5 megapixel autofocus camera and a digital zoom of 20 x. The camera’s resolution is 2584 x 1938 with a focal length of 5.2 mm. Camera features include auto focus, Flash, Red-Eye Reduction, Timer, Video Stabilization.

A good camera and display aren’t the only features N79 has. Like all other Sim Free Phones this mobile phone is unique in its own! N79 operates on Symbian OS v9.3. The maximum storage of this phone is 50 MB. If that isn’t enough, you can always get a Mirco SD for added memory. It supports document formats of word, excel, PDF, Powerpoint, and Zip.

Loaded with extra features such as radio, accelerometer sensor, flight mode, tv out and many more, this mobile phone is truly powerful. N79 sim free phone’s size is 110 x 49 x 15 mm in size while weighing 97g. Its standby time can last for as long as 15.5 days. Among all the Mobile Phones available, this is a great choice.

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